Great Source Of Halda Parts

As I posted about a couple of days ago, I have been installing a Halda speedometer cable drive in my Saab 99 in order to allow me to install one of my Halda Speedpilots at sometime in the future.  Nigel Cousins of Hambly Industries in England, with whom I have been corresponding with for several months, saw my post and sent me a couple of photos of the Halda cable equipment and other Halda parts that he has.  The picture below shows some of this equipment laid out on a table.

Hambly IMG_0025

Some of Hambly Industries’ Halda Equipment

The picture below shows another view of the table of Halda equipment.

Hambly IMG_0023

Hambly Industries Has Been Collecting Many Halda Components

I took a close look at the equipment on the table that Hambly Industries has and I contacted Nigel to give him my shopping list of Halda cable equipment components that I need.

Hambly Industries Graphic

To contact Nigel at Hambly Industries go to their website by clicking on the following link:

Nigel said that he will be updating the website in the upcoming weeks to identify the Halda components and parts that they have.  He also noted that they will be manufacturing some replacement knobs for Halda Tripmasters, Twinmasters, and Speedpilots.

To provide some background information and nomenclature on the methods and equipment to install a Halda Tripmaster, A Halda Twinmaster, or a Halda Speedpilot, I have included some alternative layout configurations that might be used, depending upon the Halda equipment that you are installing.

Halda Equipment Setup Alternatives

Halda Equipment Layout Alternatives

The following image shows the Halda equipment components needed to for your installation.

Halda Cable Gear Components

Halda Cable Equipment Components

Hopefully this information will be of help to people who are installing or plan to install Halda rally equipment.

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