South African Supercar Record Gathering

This past week I got a note and some photos from Darryl Hurter of South Africa about an attempt in South Africa to establish a Guinness record for the largest gathering of supercars.  Darryl did not personally take part, but his son Jeremy did and what follows is Jeremy’s story of that event.


211 gorgeous cars, helicopters, tv crews and a beautiful Sunday morning on Durban’s beachfront marked the start of the IBV Supercar Club Charity Parade. This being an attempt to break the Guinness World record for such a parade.

 The day started with drivers arriving in their vehicles at the Pavilion Hotel on North Beach in red carpet style with a bunch of cheering onlookers and a wall of photographers. I was there in my dad’s (Darryl Hurter) stunning TR3 which had been granted supercar status for the day. We had the vinyl number 40’s on the sides and the crowd went wild when the car pulled up.

 TR3_ParadeJeremy Hurter And Precious Enjoying The Supercar Parade

After lining up with all of the other cars which included Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and every other hot car from KZN we went to the drivers briefing and were then assigned a child from one of Durban’s children homes to take with on the ride. Precious came with me, what an inspiration, after having a really tough start and losing both parents she is now on the way to qualifying as a teacher. She loved the Triumph and snapped a number of selfies to send to her friends.

 SupercarParadeThe Supercar Parade In Durban

The parade got underway and we headed out of Durban on the M4, then joining the N2 at Umhlanga and heading to the turning point at the Salt Rock exit. We felt like rock stars as 3 helicopters circled overhead and took photographs and photographers on Harleys took pics of the cars. All the roads were closed as the cars went by so the drivers could enjoy themselves. It was impressive to see the super cars accelerating past on the highway, if not a little intimidating when you are sitting in an open top TR3.

 The run ended at the Gateway and we all parked out cars in the Palm Boulevard for people to admire before going for lunch in  beautiful marquee in the wave house. The lunch was great with good music and even the first lady of SA gave a very good speech. The highlight was when Ashok Sewnerain the CEO of International Bank Vaults, who’s brainchild the day was, announced that the record had been broken. Around R650,000.00 was raised for various charities which qualified for the record and after the event with other donors almost R1million has been raised.

 All in all it was a great day and one which Durban can be proud of. The run is scheduled to happen again next year and it would be great to see more classic cars taking part and being honorary supercars for the day.

From Jeremy’s story it appears that the event was quite successful and it obviously raised a substantial amount of money.  To convert the South African Rand into US Dollars, you can generally divide by 12.  Therefore the event raised the equivalent of about $85,000 US Dollars.  Congratulations to the organizers and to those who took part!

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