A Triumph Story From South African Rookies At The 2014 Mille Miglia

Just a few days ago, I posted some notes that I made about timing and navigation for rookies at the Mille Miglia rally.  After that post, I became aware of a story in a wonderful South African car magazine called “Classic & Performance Car Africa” about a rookie South African team that drove a Triumph TR3 in the 2014 Mille Miglia.  I contacted the editor of “Classic & Performance Car Africa”. Stuart Grant, who gave me permission to reproduce the article in the magazine in its entirety.  For more information about “Classic & Performance Car Africa”, go to their website www.cpca.co.za

Mille 1A

Page 1

Mille 1B

Page 2

Mille 2A

Page 3

Mille 2B

Page 4

Mille 3

Page 5

The purpose of me posting this story is to present a look at this wonderful event that many of the competitors see.  The Mille Miglia is a challenging event on many levels – just getting accepted to compete in the Mille Milia is difficult.  And once in the event, it is not all just cruising through the Italian countryside in the warm sunlight.  Note that despite the difficulties that the rookie team experienced, the author of the story would like to do it again.

Thanks again to Stuart Grant and the folks at “Classic & Performance Car Africa” for allowing me to re-produce this story.

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One Response to A Triumph Story From South African Rookies At The 2014 Mille Miglia

  1. helenhikes says:

    I love this story. Thanks!

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