Mille Miglia Timing and Navigation Notes For Rookies

Last year I put some notes together about the timing and navigation issues that rookies would encounter at the Mille Miglia rally.  While I have never had the opportunity to compete in this spectacular rally, I have been a keen observer and student of the Mille Miglia for many years.  Maybe someday I’ll get the opportunity to take part in the Mille Miglia, if someone is looking for an experienced rally navigator.  It seems to me that many of the teams that take part in the Mille Miglia have little rally experience, therefore I thought that these teams could benefit from these notes, and as a result, I decided to post these notes on my website.  As these notes were prepared based on the 2014, rules there might be changes needed for 2015 if the rules change.

Mille Miglia bg-splash

The attached Mille Miglia timing and navigator notes are of a general nature, assuming that the competitors are only using the car’s standard odometer and trip odometer, along with a simple clock and stopwatch for timing.  The use of specialized rally equipment would change the approach to certain aspects of the navigation and timing approach.  If someone reading the notes has questions on the best way to use other specific rally equipment at the Mille Miglia, then please send me an email at shanna12 at comcast dot net and I will try to answer any questions.  There are no limitations on the timing equipment permitted to be used at the Mille Miglia, so my advice from a competitive perspective, would be not to take a knife to a gunfight.  I know that it is a major accomplishment and honor just to be selected to take part in the Mille Miglia, but who wants to go home saying that they finished in the 353rd position? (other than those who finished lower than the 353rd position, I suppose)

I had some specific questions about the rules, so I sent an email to the Mille Miglia organizers, but I only got a response saying to refer to the rules as published on their website.  As a result there are a few unresolved issues in the attached notes.  I am sure that these could be resolved at the rally site before the rally starts by asking officials there any questions that you might have.

To see the pdf file of the Mille Miglia timing and navigation notes that I prepared click on the link below:

Mille Miglia Rally Notes Revision 1

Please contact me with any questions, comments or further information about the timing and navigation notes for the Mille Miglia rally.

Note that these Mille Miglia rally notes were updated and posted on this website on March 18, 2015.

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