Interesting Photos From New Zealand

Jim Blumenthal has sent me some more pictures from one of his business trips, where Jim manages to combine business with pleasure.  You might recall that Jim recently sent me some pictures that he took at the Brooklands Museum during a trip to England.  Now Jim is on a business trip to New Zealand and Australia.

While in New Zealand, Jim attended a local race track. At that track they were having a “pursuit sprint” race. I am not familiar with this type of race or track day activity, but apparently ten cars start in the race, two at a time, separated by about 7 seconds and they race each other. Usually it’s only the two cars racing each other, although other cars do catch up occasionally.  They run for 2 laps and then have a cool down.  This seems like a good way to enjoy a racing experience without the intensity of being surrounded by multiple cars.  The picture below shows the cars lined up ready to go.


Line Up For The Pursuit Sprint Race

The red car at the front of the line appears to be a street car, complete with lights, turn signals, and what looks like a license plate or number.  The car behind the red car looks like a Lotus 7 clone, such as a Caterham, but I recall from my time in Australia a few years ago, that there is an Australian version of the Lotus 7 clone, but the name of the car escapes me as I write this post.

While at the race Jim was able to go for a ride in their pace car.  This would especially interest Jim, as he frequently drives the pace car at SCCA races in the New England Region.

Jim also sent me a couple of pictures of a street car that he saw in New Zealand.


Look At That Engine!

image2This car Must Be A Handful To Drive

I know that Jim has a couple of other sites to visit on this trip.  One will be the V8 Super Car Race in Brisbane, Australia.

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