Photos From The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

The following are some random photos that I took at the 2014 Pumpkin Run rally that was put on by the Northeast Rally Club on October 17, 19, & 20, 2014 in Millsboro, Delaware.


The Rally Attracts A Wide Range Of Vehicles – A 1916 Hudson, A 1966 Mustang, And My 2003 Mercedes-Benz

The picture below of myself and Harald von Langsdorff was taken near the start of the practice rally on Friday afternoon.  It was nice to be able to rally with the top down.


Myself & Harald von Langsdorff With Our Mercedes-Benz

The car below is the Bitterman family’s 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook.  This has been a sad year for the Bitterman family as they lost a wife and mother when Mary Bitterman died earlier this year.  The Bitterman family have competed in many Northeast Rally Club events over the years.


The Bitterman’s 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook

The Mercedes-Benz shown below was clearly the fastest car in the event.  The 2014 all wheel drive Mercedes-Benz wagon had the factory AMG treatment with the owner noting that the engine had 580 horsepower!


2014 Mercedes-Benz Bi-Turbo AMG Wagon


Pro Class Fourth Place Finisher Haverty/Pusey 1937 Ford Coupe

The 1969 Saab 96 shown below was crewed by the team of Bill Holmes/Steve Keller.  They had very good results especially taking into account that this was the first rally that Bill had driven in.  Steve Keller is a very competent navigator with considerable Great Race and similar event experience.  I had met Steve before at several of the Northeast Rally Club rallies and Harald & I have always enjoy his company.


1969 Saab 96

The lovely Camaro SS396 shown below was entered the Marcus boys.  They are shown standing behind the Camaro.  They also competed in this year’s Great Race.  These are great guys and they had an excellent rally finishing second in the SOP Class.


1968 Camaro SS396 Convertible

The 1916 Hudson Hillclimber shown below is a perennial top finisher in the hands of the Sharp family.  In this year’s Pumpkin Run rally they finished second in the Pro Class.


1916 Hudson Hillclimber

It is always nice to see the mid-1960s full-size Fords.  It seems to me that these cars were not preserved in large numbers.  The number of remaining mid-1960s full-size Fords seems far less than the full-size Chevys of the same age.


1966 Ford Galaxy

The Sunbeam Tiger shown below was entered by a Hagerty insurance executive with Jeff Stumb, one of the key Great Race staff members as the navigator.  During the rally they had some problem with the fuel system, but they were able to get it repaired.


1966 Sunbeam Tiger


1932 Chevrolet Sedan

The 1966 Dodge Charger shown below is another of the Bitterman cars.  This car sounded great with the big Chrysler V8 engine.


1966 Dodge Charger

As you can see from these few photos, there was a wide variety of cars entered in the 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally.  Harald and I enjoyed being part of this rally.

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