Success At The Final Day Of The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

Harald von Langsdorff and I had a very successful final day at the 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally.  We scored another Ace by having a perfect score on one of today’s legs.  Again, we were the only Seat Of The Pants Class car to score an Ace.  And more importantly we won the SOP Class for the full today rally by a comfortable margin.  We also got a trophy for winning the SOP Class at practice rally on Friday.


Our Pumpkin Run Rally Awards

I will have more on the rally later this week, but right now I’m a little tired after having navigated in the rally in the morning and then driving the car home.  It was a very enjoyable rally.

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2 Responses to Success At The Final Day Of The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Congratulations Steve on a great performance.

    • Thanks Jay. We did have a good weekend. I think that Harald did a great job of driving my car. The key to these events is driving the car in a consistent manner that is also consistent with the way the car was driven during the preparation of the performance chart. Harald had never driven my car until we went out to prepare the performance chart the day before the rally. We just about wore out a small paved rural road with our driving back and forth to set up the performance chart. Then during the rally, Harald drove the car like he had been driving it for years and kept a close eye on the car’s speedometer. For most speeds our speedometer read about 1 mph faster than what it should have to match the speedometer calibration results.
      Because we had a such a good result in the Friday practice rally, we were the only SOP team to put up prize money in the Dash For Cash, so when we won the SOP Class in the full rally, we just got our prize money back.
      Thanks again,
      Steve McKelvie

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