Last Minute Change For Us At The Pumpkin Run Rally

Harald Von Langsdorff and I have arrived in Millsboro, Delaware for the start of the Pumpkin Run Rally.  Late this morning while getting ready to prepare our Performance Chart for the rally, we discovered that the water pump on Harald’s Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 300 6.3 is on its last legs.  I drove my Mercedes-Benz 230SLK down to Millsboro to meet Harald, so now our plan is to drive my car in the SOP Class as I don’t have a wheel sensor to use on the my Mercedes, therefore we cannot compete in the Pro Class using the calibratable speedometer.  I have wheel sensors to fit other cars that I have navigated in, but not my own.

We just returned from doing some timing measurements to set up a Performance Chart for my Mercedes-Benz.  While we started thinking that it was rather late to be setting up the Performance Chart with our original plan, this problem with Harald’s car just makes things a little more challenging for us.

The good news for Harald is that Star Motors in Endicott, NY, about 300 miles from here on Harald’s way back to Ontario, has some parts and will be able to work on Harald’s car on Monday.  By replenishing the coolant water, it is thought that Harald will be able to make it to Star Motors.  I have been to the Star Motors shop in Endicott, NY and they are very helpful and capable of fixing older Mercedes-Benz cars.

I will provide an update on our progress after the practice rally tomorrow.


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