Brooklands Museum

This past Sunday I got some photos from Jim Blumenfeld of his recent visit to the Brooklands Museum in England.  Brooklands, one of the first purpose-built race tracks in the world, was built in 1907.  This was a 2.75 miles long concrete track (Outside Track) that had three turns.

Brooklands Circuit Layout

Brooklands Race Track

The track featured 30 degree banking which allowed for some very high speeds.  The track must have been quite rough.  Most of the photos that I have seen of the racing at Brooklands show airborne cars where cars should not be airborne.

John Cobb Brooklands

John Cobb At Brooklands

Racing ended at Brooklands in 1939.  From that time portions of the track began to disappear and the remaining track has deteriorated.  The photo below shows some of the Brooklands banking these days.

Brooklands Today

Brooklands Today

There is a Brooklands Museum near the remains of the track.  Jim Blumenfeld of Massachusetts recently visited the Museum and he sent me the following photos.  When Jim sent the photos to me, Jim did not identify the cars, so I have attempted to identify the cars.  I hope that I have correctly done so.  Please let me know of any corrections needed.

Alvis Special 1953

1953 Alvis Special

As I looked at these pictures, I could not help but notice that the museum has a lot of cars.  In many cases, the cars are stored wheel to wheel with little room between them.

Austin Seven

An Austin Seven

The photo below shows some of the buildings that make up the Brooklands Museum.  I don’t know if these buildings were originally on site or if they have been relocated to the Brooklands Museum.


A Bentley

Cooper T72 Formula 3

Car #10 Is A Cooper T72 Formula 3 Racer

Leyand Thomas Special

Leyland Thomas Special

Ridley Special 1931

1931 Ridley Special

The modern MG V8 shown in the photo below is an interesting car.  I don’t think that these cars were ever available in North America.



The Brooklands Museum seems like an interesting place to visit, but it looks like you should allow yourself plenty of time to look around.

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2 Responses to Brooklands Museum

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    An interesting tidbit is that the last “race” held at Brooklands was in 2009, when James May of Top Gear fame broke the world record for longest slot car track. He built a course that ran the entire 2.75 miles and raced a pair of cars a full lap.

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