I Will Be Competing In The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

Harald van Langsdorff and myself will be competing into the upcoming 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally to be held in Millsboro, Delaware on October 17 – 19.  This is a Time-Speed rally that is put on by the Northeast Rally Club.  The goal of this car rally is to be on time, all of the time without the use of odometers or the distances to be traveled provided by the rallymaster.  In this rally older cars receive a scoring advantage, so the cars entered tend to be older than most car rallies in the USA.  In addition, for timing purposes, competitors are restricted to only one analog time-of-day clock and one stopwatch.  This rally will be a challenge for both me as the navigator and Harald as the driver.

Harald and I competed in this rally in 2008.  At that time we competed in Harald’s late-1980s Mercedes-Benz 560SL.  This was a very nice car and I had the opportunity to drive the car for quite a few miles on the way home from the rally.  The photo below shows Harald with this car in the early morning of the second day of the 2008 Pumpkin Run rally as we waited to start that day’s rally.  As you can see, it was a nice, misty morning.


Harald von Langsdorff and His Mercedes-Benz 560SL At The 2008 Pumpkin Run Rally

Harald and I won the SOP Class at that rally in 2008.  With the SOP Class, competitors must use the standard speedometer as provided in the car.  The Northeast Rally Club also has a Pro Class that allows the use of calibratable speedometers.


Harald von Langsdorff’s 1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

For this year’s Pumpkin Run rally, Harald and I will be using Harald’s 1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 and we will be competing in the Pro Class using my Timewise 825 Speedometer.  Harald’s big Mercedes is both comfortable and fast.


1932 Auburn In The 2008 Pumpkin Run Rally

This rally will be a challenge for Harald and I as we have not competed in this type of rally since 2009 and this will be our first time in the Pro Class using the calibratable speedometer.  The Pro Class is filled with many experienced Great Race competitors.

For more information about this rally check out the website of the Northeast Rally Club:  www.northeastrallyclub.com

I look forward to this event.

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3 Responses to I Will Be Competing In The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

  1. G. Hamilton says:

    Wow, Harald does like to run any mouse motors, heh! Lots of grunt is the way to go.

    Looks like a fun Rally.

    Best of luck.

    G. Hamilton

    • G. Hamilton says:

      oops, make that does not like to run any mouse motors!!

      • Hi Gary!
        The 6.3 liter V8 engine makes the Mercedes-Benz quite fast. I recall that the big Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 was faster than the Porsche 911 cars in 1968. Also the car has a good suspension and great tires, so the car handles quite well too.
        Steve McKelvie

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