The Vanilla Bean Cafe: A Motorcyclist’s Destination in Northeast Connecticut

This last weekend I joined a group of Franklin, MA area motorcyclists on a great ride to The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, Connecticut.  Pomfret is a small town in northeast Connecticut and The Vanilla Bean Cafe is located at the intersection of Routes 97 and 44.


The Vanilla Bean Cafe Is A Busy Place On Sundays

This trip came about as a result of a casual discussion of nice places to visit in northeast Connecticut that took place between me and a laboratory technician at the local medical clinic.  We both knew the of place, but we struggled to remember the name and the exact location of the cafe.  Karen said that she would do some research to find out the name of the place because we were both frustrated that we could not remember the name.  Later that day, I got an email from Karen saying that it was, in fact, The Vanilla Bean Cafe and that I was welcome to join some of her friends for a ride there on Sunday.  I agreed to ride with them as it sounded like fun.


The Vanilla Bean Cafe Is A Well-Known Riding Destination For New England Motorcyclists

We met at 10:30AM in Franklin and a few minutes later 9 of us on 6 motorcycles headed for The Vanilla Bean Cafe.  We got there a little after noon time and we were lucky to find an available table under a big shade tree.  The place was a beehive of activity as people on motorcycles came and went.  It is almost like an unorganized Cars & Coffee, except that it was mostly motorcycles.

For most people you order and pick up your food and drink inside and then find a table outside.  There is a good-sized dining room inside, but with the great weather outside it would have been a crime to stay indoors.


The Parking Is Filled With Motorcyclists Coming and Going

There were a few people arriving in cars, but the star of the four-wheeled vehicles was a 1913 Cadillac that arrived with two couples out for a Sunday drive.  It was an impressive vehicle and it was nice to see a car like that actually being driven.


An Owner Of A 1913 Cadillac Dropped By The Vanilla Bean Cafe For A Coffee

I would recommend The Vanilla Bean Cafe if you’re in the New England area and are looking for a great place for a Sunday coffee.

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2 Responses to The Vanilla Bean Cafe: A Motorcyclist’s Destination in Northeast Connecticut

  1. Steve Silver says:

    Hi! Me and my wife want to do this ride. We live in hopedale. Possible you can tell the Route’s to get there and back. Would be much appreciated. Steve S.

    • Hi Steve,
      Today, Sunday, is the best day to go there for motorcyclists. There will be quite a number there. You will feel right at home. My suggestion for you to get there is as follows: take 16 west from Hopedale over to Douglas, at Douglas stay straight onto 96 then quickly turn right onto SW Main Street, follow this road through East Thompson until it joins 193. Follow 193 cross 200, cross 395, passing just south of West Thompson Lake. At West Thompson turn left onto W Thompson Road going south to 171. Turn right on 171, going west to 169. Turn left on 169 to go south to the intersection of 169, 44 and 244. The Vanilla Bean will be on your right. Turn right on 244, travel about 50 yards, then turn right into the Vanilla Bean. Enjoy! Reverse to return to Hopedale. Looks like a great day for a ride!
      Steve McKelvie
      Franklin, MA

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