An Excellent Guide To Rally Co-Driving

Right away when I saw that Mark Williams had written a book on rally co-driving I knew that it would be a valuable and useful guide.  And now after having read the book, I can say that it is all that I expected and more.

Mark Williams Book Cover

Mark William’s New Guide To Rally Co-Driving In North America

Over the years of competing as a rally co-driver, I have read just about all of the books and guides about co-driving and I can say that this book is head and shoulders better than the other rally co-driving books out there.  While the book specifically focuses on North American rallies, most of the information can be applied to stage rallies around the world.

Mark Williams Page (2)

Useful Explanation of Stage Notes

The information is up-to-date and full of practical advice that is immediately useful to rally co-drivers and drivers too.  The frequent use of graphics, specific examples, and rally “war stories” make the issues easy to understand and informative.

Mark Williams Page (3)

Nice Visual Explanation Of Crest Descriptions

As noted in the title of this book, Mark focuses on North American stage rallies.  Most of the rally co-driving books that are out there are written by English co-drivers and frequently include information about other types of rally navigation and co-driving techniques.  This book only deals with stage rallies.

Mark Williams Page (1)

The Book Is Full Of Practical Examples As Shown Above

I enthusiastically recommend this book, both for new rally co-drivers and experienced co-drivers as well.  New or aspiring rally co-drivers will learn from all of the information provided, while the experienced co-drivers will surely pickup some tips and insights from Mark’s many examples and rally “war stories”.

For details on getting this book go to

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