Ronnie Adams Caricature Sketch

Recently I bought an older print of a caricature sketch of rally driver, Ronnie Adams, from a seller in Australia.  Ronnie Adams was a very successful rally driver, who among other things won the 1956 Monte Carlo Rally when this rally was the best known rally in the world.

Ronnie Adams Image (2)

Ronnie Adams

Ronnie Adams drove for a number of works rally teams, mostly in the 1950s.  His story is told in the book “From Craigantlet to Monte Carlo”.


Ronnie Adams Driving A Jaguar To A Monte Carlo Rally Victory

Ronnie Adams’ son, Kenneth,  now lives in New Jersey.  I have had the opportunity to meet Kenneth and hear stories about his Dad and what it was like riding with his Dad whenever they went anyplace.  Ronnie Adams was a businessman, not a professional rally driver, so he had to practice whenever and wherever he could.  Kenneth has also shared with me articles and paper clippings about his Dad.

As I said in my September 23, 2012 post about Ronnie Adams; he was a great rally driver.

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