Tutto Italiano At Larz Anderson

Last weekend was the Tutto Italiano show at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts.  This is a wonderful display of Italian cars and motorcycles.  Due to me actually believing the local weather reports and seeing rain on the weather radar when I got up early in morning, I went back to bed and woke up some time later to sunny skies, but by that time it was too late for me to go to the show.  However my friend, Gary Hamilton, did make it to Tuto Italiano and was kind enough to share some of his photos with me.


Typical Site At Larz Anderson’s Tutto Italiano

There is always a great display of Ferraris at Tutto Italiano and after a few minutes, I have found that it is possible to experience sensory overload when the sight of another Ferrari might go unnoticed.

Guilia Sprint gt-1

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT shown above is one of the better looking designs from any manufacturer.


Alfa Romeo Sedan

 The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super sedans were made from 1964 to 1978.  These had engines that produced about 100 horsepower which produced fairly lively performance and a top speed of about 110 miles per hour.

Maserati 3500 Spyder

Maserati 3500 Spyder

The early 1960s Maserati 3500 Spyder is good performing Italian car with a 3,485cc inline 6-cylinder dual overhead camshaft engine that produces about 220 horsepower.  This car is shown in the traditional “Maserati Blue” color, which I posted a story about a couple of years ago.

Fiat 850 Vignale

Fiat 850 Vignale

When the Fiat 850 cars were being imported into Canada I was familiar with them as Matthews Motors in Shelburne, Ontario were dealers for Fiats and I walked by these cars when I was going to school.  However this Vignale make-over of the Fiat 850 is very stylish compared to the basic Fiat 850.  I do not know if these Fiat 850 Vignale cars also received some performance improvements over the basic 52 – 54 horsepower in the basic Fiat 850 coupe.

Ducati 900 SD Darmah

Ducati 900 SD Darmah circa 1978

The Ducati 900 SD Dramah had a 864 cc with desmodromic overhead camshaft.  This was a good performing bike that was capable of 118 miles per hour.  Ducati motorcycles are all impressive motorcycles and sound great.

Citroen SM

Citroen SM

In 1971 Citroen introduced the Citroen SM which came with a 2,670cc V6 Maserati engine that produced 180 horsepower with a 5-speed manual transmission.  These were reported to be good performing cars with a top speed of about 137 – 140 miles per hour and a 0 – 60 miles per hour time of 8.5 seconds.  The styling of these cars is an acquired taste.

Lambo Motor

Wonderful Italian Engineering

The Lamborghini engine shown above is a great example of the Italian blend of engineering and beauty that you find at Tutto Italiano.  I recommend attending this event at Larz Anderson next year.  And thanks to Gary Hamilton for allowing me to use his photos of this year’s Tutto Italiano.

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