Book About The 1970 World Cup Rally

With the recently completed soccer World Cup in Brazil, I was inspired to take a look at a book that I’ve had for some time about the Daily Mirror 1970 World Cup Rally.  The book is “World Cup Rally 40” which was written by Graham Robson on the 40th anniversary of this rally that was held is association with the 1970 World Cup for soccer held in Mexico City in 1970.

World Cup Rally Book Cover

Graham Robson’s Book On The World Cup Rally

At this time I am only about a quarter or the way through this book, but I am really enjoying the book.  Graham Robson was very much involved in the rally and personally knew most of the competitors, the rally cars, and the rally strategies of the major rally works manufacturers/teams.  In addition, for the book Robson interviewed many of those who were involved in the rally.

Robson makes a strong case that the 1970 World Cup Rally was the toughest car rally ever held.  He may be right, but there is no doubt that this is an interesting book.  I will have more about this rally in the upcoming weeks.

The main organizer for this rally was John Sprinzel.  John was a well-known and successful rally driver who had recently retired from active competition at the time he undertook to become involved in this rally.  I am interested in getting a copy of his book, “The Spritely Years” at a reasonable price.  There are copies available for sale at this time, but the sellers all have an exaggerated view of the value of this book.  Please contact me if you know how I can obtain a copy of “The Spritely Years” at a reasonable price.

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