Additional Rally Books By David Hebb

In a comment left by Jay Nemeth-Johannes about my post on a book about American rallies in the 1950s, Jay noted that David Hebb had updated the specific book and had written other rally books.  In that vein, I have two (sort of) other books on rallying by David Hebb.  The book shown below written in 1973 has information that is a lot more relevant to today’s SCCA rally style.

Hebb The Rally Book

I said that I “sort of” had two additional books by David Hebb.  That is because the book shown below, printed in 1977, is essentially the same as the 1973 book shown above.  I bought the book below on eBay, thinking that it was a different material, but that was not the case.

Hebb Car Rallies

Sharp-eyed Canadians might notice the “Coles” name on the above cover of “Complete Guide to Car Rallies”.  Coles was/is a now-defunct chain of bookstores in Canada.  Coles actually printed this book in 1977, therefore it appears that Coles bought the rights to Hebb’s “The Rally Book”, then re-printed the book with a new title and cover.  So don’t make the same mistake that I did by thinking that these were two different books.

I have selected a couple of images from this book that I found interesting.

Hebb Showing MGB GT

That Is A Checkpoint Sign Just In Front Of The Motorhome!

The image below shows Scott Harvey and Tom King at the finish of the “Press On Regardless” rally in 1971.  This rally became a stage rally in later years, but there still is an annual time-speed-distance rally in September called the “Press On Regardless” which remains quite challenging.

The portion of the image below the “Press On Regardless” finish photoo shows an early rally computer.

Hebb Showing Scott Harvey

Either one of these books is a good book about the basics of rallying; however, the sections of the book that discusses timing equipment and odometers are now out-of-date.  It is clear that David Hebb helped to explain car rallying to many people over the years.

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