Half-Way Leaders In The 2014 Great Race

As the Great Race approaches the half-way point, I thought that I would take a look at the various class leaders after Day 4 of the competition.  There are a lot of very good teams in the Great Race, so to be leading any class after four days of competition is quite honor.

GR91 Ford Pickup (1)

Jeff & Eric Fredette Lead The Expert Class As Well As The Overall Great Race

The Overall leaders as well as the leading team in the Experts Class are J & E Fredette of Beecher, Illinois in a 1933 Ford pickup truck.  This team is usually near the front of these time-speed rallies and true “experts”. Over the four days their cumulative scoring error is a mere 16.3 seconds.


David Reeder & Sawyer Stone Lead The Grandmasters Class

The Grand Masters Class is made up of former Great Race rally winners and other associated rallies. Currently leading this class is the team of David Reeder and his navigator/grandson Sawyer Stone from Arkansas.  They are in Car# 4, a 1932 Ford Sedan.  In addition to leading the Grand Masters class, they are in second position overall, about 4 seconds behind J & E Fredette.


Sportsman Class Leaders Chad Nelson & Brandon Schindler

It is somewhat surprising, given the strength of the field,  that a Sportsman Class car is in third position in the overall standings.  Obviously Chad Nelson & Brandon Schindler have made very few mistakes and as a result are only about two seconds out of second place overall.  They are driving a well prepared 1928 Ford Model A Speedster.


J & B Hensler Lead The Sportsman/Rookie Class

Joe and Bill Hensler in a 1935 Ford Phaeton lead the Sportsman/Rookie Class.   They are doing very well in the event given their rookie status.

The scores will be changing on a daily basis, so please check the Great Race website for up-to-date scoring:  www.greatrace.com

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1 Response to Half-Way Leaders In The 2014 Great Race

  1. David Felter says:

    Great update Steve. Thanks very much. I love this race.

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