Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar Enthusiasts Picnic

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a picnic with some Jaguar enthusiasts at Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar Restoration shop in Canaan, Connecticut.  It was a great day with interesting people and interesting cars.  Tom has a number of Jaguars in various stages of restoration in his work areas.


“Barn Find” At Tom Jaycox’.  Yes, That Is A Type C Jaguar!

It was very impressive to see a real Jaguar Type C and a mostly untouched Jaguar XK120 peeking out of the restoration building.  There were a number of other very nice Jaguars around the yard and Tom’s buildings.  Some are shown in this post.


This Jaguar XKE Beauty Has An Uncommon Blue Color

The Jaguar XKE shown above was a lovely blue color that I have rarely seen on an XKE.  The black Jaguar XKE coupe shown below is an equally nice car.


Jaguar XKE Coupe

These two Jaguar XKEs clearly show why the Jaguar XKE is considered as one of the best car designs ever.


Jaguar XK120 Racer

Jaguars have long been competitive on the race track.  The Jaguar XK120 racer shown above looks like no exception to this rule.


There Were New Cars Too, Including A Jaguar XKR

In addition to finished cars, Tom has some cars ready for restoration and/or sale, including this real barn find Jaguar sedan.


This Is A Real Barn Find

Looking around Tom’s shop, one is reminded how good it is to see uncovered engines with a minimum number of wires and hoses.


A Jaguar Engine Ready For Duty

I had a great time looking around the shop and talking with car and motorcycle people at Tom’s picnic.  If anyone is interested in restoring a Jaguar, then be sure to contact Tom Jaycox.

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