Maserati’s Centennial Brochure

As I mentioned in a post last week, 2014 is the 100 year anniversary of Maserati.  Yesterday, the latest issue of “Autoweek” magazine arrived in the mail.  Wrapped with “Autoweek” was an advertising brochure from Maserati celebrating the marque’s 100 years in the automotive business.


Cover Of Maserati’s Centennial Brochure

I used the term “brochure” above, but that is really under-selling this large 50-page document.  The brochure is very impressive.  It includes substantial material about Maserati’s history, as well as material about Maserati’s latest cars.

Maserati Advert 2

Lead Pages From A Story About The Maserati Museum

As would be expected, there are several pages promoting the new Maserati cars.  An example is the following page showing a Maserati Gran Turismo in that distinctive Maserati blue color.

Maserati Advert 3

Maserati’s New Car’s Are As Impressive As The Old Cars

This seems a little odd to write, but as a car guy interested in the entire history of Maserati, I recommend buying the latest copy of “Autoweek” magazine, simply on the basis of also getting the Maserati centennial brochure, plus you get the copy of the “Autoweek” magazine as well.

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