2014 Cape Codders Oldtimers Rally

On April 5, 2014 the New England Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) held the Cape Codders Oldtimers Rally.  This rally is rally were to be successful the teams have to answer questions based on local Cape Cod landmarks, while driving the shortest distance to determine the answers to these questions, and within a penalty-free time duration.  I did not take part in this rally as a participant, but I was there helping out at the final control.

I also enjoyed that I was able to re-connect with Val Stoegmoen who I navigated for in a rally many years ago.  I learned a lot about rallying without using an odometer from Val.  In those days, the New England Region had a rally class, Class C, where competitors were not allowed to use any odometers, including the car’s standard odometer.  This class was also known as the “taped odo” class, as competitors had to apply tape to cover up their odometers.  This is somewhat similar to the format used in the “Great Race” type rallies in the USA.  One way to unify all rally competitors in the USA would be to have three classes – equipped (anything goes), stock (only car manufacturer’s standard equipment), and “no odo” only use clocks, but that is a topic for another time.


Some of the Cars Of The Rally Participants At The Finish Location

The Cape Codders Oldtimers Rally is a special rally in the New England area were for many people this is the only rally that they compete in every year.  The rally has a long history as it was first held in 1950 as a more typical Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally.  Over time, the rally evolved into the shortest distance rally format of the present day.


A BMW 325is Has Always Been A Favorite of Mine

The 2014 Cape Codders Oldtimer Rally winners were Derek Rummel (driver) and Chris Binkowski (navigator). It is worthy of note that Derek is local SCCA rally legend Omer Norton’s grandson. Omer either ran or worked at nearly every Cape Cod rally from its inception in the TSD format in 1950 through the current Old Timers (shortest distance) format rally until Omer passed away in 2004.


2014 Cape Codders Oldtimes Rally Winners Derek Rummel and Chris Binkowski

In addition to the pictures of the rally winners, Cindy Rummel, who is the daughter of Omer Norton, sent me a note saying that she along with her husband Ted, started taking Derek and his brother Damon on the Cape Codders Oldtimers rallys when Derek was about eight years old, so even though he’s only 22 years old now, he’s had quite a bit of experience running this rally. For Chris Binkowski, Derek’s navigator, friend and fellow engineering student at the University of Connecticut, this was his first rally ever!  Well done Chris!  It takes good planning to layout the best route to find the answers to the rally’s questions.


Derek Rummel and Chris Binkowski With Their Rally Hardware

The Cape Codders Oldtimers Rally is a great way to take part in a fun rally and to see one of America’s most famous vacation areas.

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3 Responses to 2014 Cape Codders Oldtimers Rally

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Cape Codders is one of the three old rallys I know of that have been continuously running since the early 50s. The oldest is, of course, Press On Regardless, which started in 1949. Then comes Cape Codders in 1950, and third is Rallye Glenwood Springs in 1952. Glenwood Springs is put on by MGCC Rocky Mountain Centre in Denver as part of a three day weekend. Two rallys, a car show, a funkahna and a banquet make up the event.

    POR spent 20 years as a performance rally, and Cape Codders became a gimmick when the roads became too built up for TSD. Glenwood now advertises itself as the oldest surviving TSD rally. In the 1990s it drew over 200 cars, and still draws over 100 for the weekend, mostly British roadsters from the mountain West. Check it out here: http://mgcc.org/60thglenwood/index.html

    I was involved with writing the Glenwood from early 1980s until the mid-2000s when we left Colorado. I plan to compete in all three over the next several years, as I expect each will provide a fun weekend.

    • Hi Jay. Thanks for the info, especially about the Glenwood rally. For some reason, this rally has escaped my notice.
      If you are looking for an old continuously run TSD event, then you should consider the Rallye des Neiges which has been put on by the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal since 1937.


  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    I ran the Cape Codders a few times in the early 90s with a friend from college in her Miata, always enjoyed that format. It’s a great way to get folks interested in rallying.

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