Richard Last’s Parnell-MG Racer

Next month I will be navigating for Richard Last in the H&H Classic Rallies Paris-Madrid rally.  Richard is a very experienced race car driver, who among other things has raced his 1936 Parnell-MG at the famed Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Richard Last Goodwood 2008

Richard Last And His Parnell-MG At Goodwood in 2008

From what I can determine, it seems that the car was originally a MG K3 Magnette  similar to the car that Tazio Nuvolari drove to win the Ards TT in 1933.  The car was subsequently converted to a single-seat layout.  Well-known British racer, Reg Parnell, bought this car in 1935 and raced it in British racing events. Parnell then converted it to a twin-cam engine and he raced it until 1937, when he sold the car.  The car has ended up in Richard Last’s ownership.  And it is obvious that Richard actively races the car.

Parnell MG Race Car

The MG Racer At Goodwood in 2013

For the Paris-Madrid Rally, Richard and I will be in a more modest performing Ford Model A.  I am pleased to be able to compete with Richard Last, as he is obviously a very competent driver.

Richard Last+leaving+the+holding+paddock+revival+2013

Richard Last Heading Out To The Track at Goodwood in 2013

The Paris-Madrid Rally starts on the morning of May 23 in Paris and ends on May 25 in Madrid.  In addition to the 850 miles or so between Paris and Madrid, we will have to cross over the Pyrenees Mountains which form the natural border between France and Spain.  This should be a both historic and a very scenic route for the Paris to Madrid Rally route.  For more information about the rally, check out the H&H Classic Rallies website –

I know that I will enjoy competing with Richard in the Paris-Madrid Rally and hearing first hand about the Parnell-MG race car.

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2 Responses to Richard Last’s Parnell-MG Racer

  1. ianhgb says:

    I was at the Goodwood Revival this year and I thought you might be interested to know that The Parnell-MG came away a little worse for wear in a tussle with a vintage Alfa Romeo in this years Goodwood Trophy race. A picture of the aftermath can be found on my blog piece about attending the Revival for the first time.

    • Thanks for the information. I was glad to read that everyone was OK and that the damage was limited to the cars. I read your blog piece and it is very interesting and informative about attending Goodwood. Surely Goodwood deserves to be on everyone’s bucket list and I am envious that you were able to attend. Goodwood remains on my bucket list.
      Steve McKelvie

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