I Will Be Competing In The 2014 Paris-Madrid Rally

I am pleased to be able to post that I will be taking part in the 2014 Paris-Madrid rally put on by H&H Classic Rallies. This year will be the second running of this event by H&H Classic Rallies following the successful inaugural running in 2013. This current rally is based on a recreation the fateful 1903 Paris to Madrid open road race. The 1903 Paris-Madrid was the last of the “city-to-city” races that were being held in that era. Due to a large number of deaths of both spectators and competitors, the race was cancelled in Bordeaux at the end of the first leg. After this event, car races were held on circuits.

Gabriel Arriving in Bordeaux

The Declared Winner Of The Shortened 1903 Paris-Madrid Race, M. Gabriel in a Mors,  Arriving At The Bordeaux Checkpoint.

H&H Classic Rallies have put together a three-day event with mostly pre-1941 cars and a special pre-1974 class for some modern cars, such as the ex-Paddy Hopkirk Mini Cooper S that is entered by the “Bring A Trailer” folks from the USA. This car finished third in the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally.

I will be navigating for England’s Richard Last, who has great experience in racing pre-war MGs and also is an experienced car mechanic. We will be in a Ford Model A that will challenge some of Europe’s best pre-war cars such as Bentley, Alvis, Peugeot, Riley, and Alfa-Romeo. This should be fun.

Scene From PM 2013

Some Of The 2013 Paris-Madrid Entrants

The rally will start in Paris on May 22, with the first car off early in the morning of May 23 and then finishing in Madrid on May 25. More information about the 2014 Paris-Madrid rally can be found at the H&H Classic Rallies website at www.hhclassicrallies.com

Paris-Madrid Scene 2013

Finish Of The 2013 Paris-Madrid Rally

I will have more information about this very interesting and exciting rally over the coming weeks as I get prepared for this rally. I also plan on posting daily updates during the rally.


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1 Response to I Will Be Competing In The 2014 Paris-Madrid Rally

  1. Amazing !
    Steve i know you will enjoy it .
    Look like a lot of fun , good luck

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