Great Story About The Morley Twins

A couple of weeks ago I got an email message from Leigh Trevail of the Eastern County Motor Club in England about information on the Morley twins.  I had written a little about the Morley twins in some recent posts about the rally successes of the big Healeys.  They were a very successful rally team, but they always put rallying in second place to their “day job” which was farming.  This annoyed the BMC rally team management because the Morleys would not compete in a rally if it was harvest time.  Sadly the last Morley twin, Erle Morley, recently died at age 83, while Don died in 2006.  These guys were legendary.

As it turned out Leigh did not need my assistance on her story about the Morley twins, but she was kind enough to forward her story to me.  You can read her Morley twins story by clicking on the file below.


Leigh also sent me a link to the website for the Eastern Counties Motor Club.  There is a lot of interesting information and good reading available there.  I would recommend going to their website by clicking on the following link:

I am appreciative of Leigh who has allowed me to include her story on my website.

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