Gary Hamilton & I Get Class Win At The Frost Heaves Rally

On March 1, 2014 the Frost Heaves rally was held with its start and finish in Milford, New Hampshire.  Initially I had planned to drive in this event, which would have been the first time in over ten years that I would have been a driver in a car rally, but plans changed at the last minute and I wound up taking part in this rally in my normal navigator’s position.

It turns out that Gary Hamilton, who I knew through business, had done some car rallies in the Long Island, New York area some 15 or 20 years ago.  Gary was interested in taking part in a car rally again, but needed a navigator.  When my plans changed Gary had yet to find a navigator for the rally so I was able to fill in as Gary’s navigator.


Many New Hampshire Roads Annually Experience Frost Heaves

I met Gary at the rally registration and we got ourselves signed in for the rally.  I briefed Gary on some of the ways that the rallies in the New England area were held.  We entered the Stock Class in which competitors are only allowed to use the car’s standard odometer and a non-programable calculator.  This class makes it simple to use a standard car with no special equipment.  Use of more specialized rally equipment than this would require entry in the Equipped Class.  Most of the entrants in the Equipped Class use rally computers.

Gary brought his Subaru Outback which worked just fine for this event.  Both the day and the roads were great for the rally.  Rallymaster Scott Beliveau had chosen some good rural roads and with relatively little traffic.  Gary and I worked together well and we got better as the day went on.  We enjoyed ourselves and at the finish of the rally we were satisfied that we had a good day in the car together.  Gary had enjoyed taking part in this rally after a long absence from rallying.

When the rally scores were posted we were surprised to see that we had won the Stock Class!  We had narrowly beat Vermont’s Dave & Diane Guertin in their BMW.  Dave & Diane are regular top finishers in this class.

Myself Gary Hamilton Scott Beliveau

Myself, Gary Hamilton, and the Rallymaster, Scott Beliveau With Our Awards

In the Equipped Class Katie Murdough/Mike Beliveau in a Subaru had a close win over Michelle Choiniere/John Buffum in their Mazda.  In the Novice Class, William Koscielny/Oleg Rekutin won with the team of Stephen Moore/Joyce Bennett finishing second.

Frost Heaves Plaque

In summary, Gary and I had a great day and a somewhat surprising finish.  Once again Scott Beliveau had put on a successful New Hampshire road rally.  In the New England area, we are blessed with many interesting rural roads that are excellent rally roads and with a rallymaster like Scott Beliveau who knows how to use those roads in a rally setting.  Gary & I appreciated Scott’s efforts and those of the volunteers that helped make it all happen.  At last year’s Frost Heave rally, I volunteered to work at the controls and enjoyed myself doing that.  I know that I’ll be back at the Frost Heaves rally next year, either as a worker or a competitor.

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2 Responses to Gary Hamilton & I Get Class Win At The Frost Heaves Rally

  1. Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

    Congratulations on the win. Jim Jurgenson and I swapped seats on Saturday for the Keweenaw Winter rally up in Houghton Michigan. Jim drove for the first time in 20 years, and I worked the unfamiliar navigator seat. We did run equipped.

    The roads were fantastic. Plowed with a new coating of about 4″ of fresh powder. Rallymaster Scott Carlborn really knows these roads and put together a challenging course with plenty of chances to drift through corners. The full moon made it unnecessary to hook up the Hellas after dark and the landscape was spectacular in the moonlight.

    It was most definitely worth the 5 hour drive to the Upper Peninsula. In the end, we narrowly squeaked by Clarence and Kate Westberg for the overall win.

    • Well done! You must have done particularly well to finish ahead of the Westbergs. It does sound like a great rally. Having a night portion increases the enjoyment of a rally for me as it changes the conditions and makes things just a little more difficult.
      Steve McKelvie

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