A Great Reference For The Big Healeys

Recently I have posted some information about the rally history of the big Healeys and one of their top drivers, Pat Moss.  A great book on the big Healeys arrived after I made those posts, but I wanted to specifically mention this book as it is a great reference for information about the big Healeys.  Appropriately enough, the book is entitled “The Big Healeys”.

The Big Healeys Cover

This Is A Great Reference Book For The Full-Size Austin Healey Car

“The Big Healeys” was written by Graham Robson in 1981, so you have to look for it in used book stores.  The author , Graham Robson, is a very well-known expert in cars of this era.  I have included a couple of images from this book that are relevant to my previous post about the rally history of the big Healeys.

Big Healey Leige

Rauno Aaltonen/Tony Ambrose Heading To Victory In The 1964 Spa-Sofia-Liege Rally

The image above shows Rauno Aaltonen and Tony Ambrose in a big Healey on their way to winning the 1964 Spa-Sofia-Liege rally.  This rally marked the end of the big, long, fast, open road rallies.  After this rally, the closed road stages or tests started to become the mainstay of the major international rallies.

Big Healey Leige Trunk

The Trunk Profile Was Modified To Allow Two Spare Tires

The trunk lids of the big Healeys used in rally competition, as shown above on the Aaltonen/Ambrose Spa-Sofia-Liege car, were modified to allow the trunk to carry two spare tires.  This was one of the features that made the big Healeys the dominant rally cars of this era.

The book, “The Big Healeys”, is one of the top references to have if you are looking for information about these great cars.  A fine addition to any automotive library.

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