Paulo Ceretta Returns From the 2014 19 Capitales Historico Rally

Paulo Ceretta has just returned from competing in the 2014 19 Capitales Historico rally in Uruguay.  The rally is named the from the 19 provincial capital cities that the rally passes through during the five days of the rally.  Paulo competed with his brother, Alejandro, in a very nice BMW 320.  This is quite a well attended rally, with 142 cars making the starting line.  Paulo might have been the only person from North America competing in this rally.

photo 1A

Alejandro and Paulo Ceretta

Paulo and his brother had were pleased with their improved finish as compared to last year when they competed in this rally for the first time.  Last year they finished in 104th position, while this year they finished in 59th position.

photo 1.1

The Ceretta Brothers’ BMW 320

Paulo sent me some photos that he took of some of the other cars that were competing in the rally.  As the event takes place in Uruguay, many of the cars are not commonly seen in North America.

photo 3

A Well-Prepared Ford Escort Mk. 1

The Ford Escort Mk. 1 shown above appears to be in excellent condition.  The car to the left is a newer Ford Escort Mk. 2.

photo 2

A Mid-50s DKW Wearing The Logo Of The Auto Union Company

DKWs are quite rare in North America.  These cars have three-cylinder two-stroke engines.  This model was known as the Auto Union 1000 in USA.  The 1000cc engine produced 50 horsepower.

photo 4.1

A Partially Hidden Ford Falcon And A Ford Mustang GT 350

The two cars shown above are familiar to North Americans.  The car to the left looks like an early 1960s Ford Falcon.

photo 2A

Fiat Abarth

All of the Fiat Abarths that I have seen in competition have the rear engine cover open.  I read somewhere that the car’s performance improves with the cover open.

photo 5A

A Volkswagen SP2

The Volkswagen SP2 is a car that was not available in the USA.  This seems like a pity.

This rally is a very challenging, precise rally with the time measured to the 1/100 second while not allowing rally odometers and other rally navigation and timing aids.

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