2014 Steel Haul & Laurel Run Rallies Later This Month

The Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Car Club and the Steel Cities Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) will be hosting two car rallies later this month – the Steel Haul on March 22 and Laurel Run on March 23, 2014.

The Steel Haul will be a 185 mile national course rally scheduled for Saturday March 22 on paved and unpaved roads to Indiana County, Pa., and back. It features Lettered Route Instructions, Numeric Route Instructions, changing Main Road Determinants, OR instructions, and an Absence Of The Sign Rule. The course is moderately difficult. Open controls and Do-It-Yourself Controls are used to test contestants’ thorough understanding of the general instructions. The course is not fast; course following is the challenge. Scenery in the area is superb with many streams, valleys and beautiful vistas.

The Laurel Run will be a 200 mile national tour rally on Sunday March 23 on paved roads along and between the Chestnut and Laurel Ridges in eastern Westmoreland and southern Indiana Counties of Pennsylvania. Instructions are all in tulip format with mileages for each. Speeds will be quick. Passage controls are used for timing throughout the event.

The rally will be headquartered at the Holiday Inn Express is located at 6552 Pa. State Route 22, Delmont, PA 15626. If you want to make a reservation at the hotel call 724-468-1050 and mention SCCA to get the nightly rate of $114.00 plus tax.

The rally committee is as follows:

Chairman: Jeff Hutzelman 412-401-8348, jhutz@cmu.edu

Steel Haul Rallymaster: Chuck Larouere 412-885-8379, refdesignpit@comcast.net

Laurel Run Rallymaster: Rick Beattie 412-351-7711, rlbarchitect@gmail.com

For further information and an entry form click on the following file:

Steel Haul Laurel Run Flyer & EntryForm

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2 Responses to 2014 Steel Haul & Laurel Run Rallies Later This Month

  1. Cargirl says:

    I am so glad I signed up for this blog. These events are right near me. Awesome,

    • These both should be good rallies. I know the rally master, Rick Beattie, for the Laurel Run rally. Rick noted that the rally will be very similar to one of his rallies (actually two consecutive 12 hour rallies) that I very much enjoyed several years ago. On that basis, I would highly recommend the Laurel Run rally, if you can only have the time to take part in one of these rallies. Hope that you can make it.
      Steve McKelvie

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