Rally America Events To Be On The NBC Sports Network

Recently Rally America announced that the NBC Sports Network will be televising all eight rallies that make up the 2014 Rally America National Championship. This is great news as it has been years since American rallying has been on television.  I think that the last time American rallying was on television it was on the long-dead Speedvision channel.

Each event will be distilled down to a one-hour long show.  As I understand it, the shows will also feature some personal stories and try to capture the challenges of competing in a rally.

There will be a slight delay from the rally run-date, but this will allow for a better telling of the rally story.


Sno*Drift Rally April 5, 2:00pm
Rally in the 100 Acre Wood May 3, 6:00pm
Oregon Trail Rally June 1, 6:00pm
Susquehannock Trail Rally June 28, 6:00pm
Climb to the Clouds July 12, 2:00pm
New England Forest Rally August 9, 2:30pm
Ojibwe Forests Rally September 6, 5:30pm
Lake Superior Performance Rally November 16, 4:00pm


Dave Getchell & I In An Earlier New England Forest Rally

With actions like this the NBC Sports Network has quickly moved into the forefront of motor sports coverage in the USA.  The NBC Sports Network now shows the Dakar Rally, Indy Car, and Formula 1.  I am somewhat concerned that the NBC Sports Network recently signed a 10-year contract with NASCAR beginning in 2015. It seems that recently every television station where the NASCAR series has been shown on starts to decline when NASCAR arrives.  NASCAR racing always begets an endless series of meaningless NASCAR related shows that push out other forms of motor sport.  With the NBC Sports Network I hope that I am wrong about this.

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