Article About Me In SCCA’s Sportscar Magazine!

In the March 2014 issue of the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) member magazine “Sportscar”, Rick Beattie included an article about me in his “On Rallying” column.  I am a little embarrassed about it and surprised, as well as a little flattered, that someone would think that I am interesting enough to write about.

I have included a scanned copy of the article below.

On Rallying McKelvie

“On Rallying” Column in March 2014 “Sportscar” Magazine

The bigger story is that the SCCA has decided to eliminate the long-running “On Rallying” column from the “Sportscar” magazine.  This will have a very negative impact on rallying, as those of us in the rallying community are losing a very important voice.  There are only few rallying voices and the loss of even one is very significant.  The SCCA folks say that articles or features stories about rallying will be included in the magazine, but I fear that the frequency of these articles will be low.

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4 Responses to Article About Me In SCCA’s Sportscar Magazine!

  1. Rich Bireta says:

    Steve, The column on you in SportsCar is well deserved. I and I’m sure many others enjoy reading your blog. Some of the many emails I receive get filed in the “read later, maybe” folder but your blog is always read when it is received.


  2. Chris Hope says:

    Steve, interesting article and very well deserved. Sorry to hear about “On Rallying”….makes me wonder why I should renew my membership.


    • Thanks Chris! Frankly the “On Rallying” column is the only thing that I read in “Sportscar” magazine. I think that as far as the magazine goes it is changing from “On Rallying” to “No Rallying”.
      Steve McKelvie

  3. ianhgb says:

    A nice Article, easy to be embarrassed. As a real newcomer to Road Rally, The SCCA, and Sportscar magazine in general. I have to say that I would expect the magazine to give a basic level of coverage to all the motorsports under the organizations wing, so to speak. I would expect a monthly column to fall under a basic level of coverage. Failing that, I suppose it must fall upon the road rally fraternity to deluge the publishers with stories for the magazine. Wether it be personal reminiscences, or the piece that resides on my computer hard drive and in my head. “How we went from competing in our first TSD rally to putting on two of our own in less than 18 months”

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