Winter Conditions For The 2014 Criterium Des Neiges

This post is a little late due to a hectic business and travel schedule, but better late than never.  On January 25, 2014 Adam Brodeur and myself traveled up to Grenville, Quebec to compete in the 2014 Criterium des Neiges car rally.  This winter rally is hosted by the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal.  The rally was held over some great rally roads in the Laurentians area of Quebec.


Adam Brodeur And His Saabaru

Part of the adventure of going up to Canada is to take advantage of the local culture and products.  We wanted to get some Canadian products that are impossible or hard to get down in the United States.  Before the rally started we stopped by the local grocery store to buy some needed products.  Adam bought a case of special Canadian beer plus two additional bottles of beer as gifts for someone back home.  We put the beer in the trunk of the car for the rally because we did not want to listen to the bottles rattling around on the back seat during the rally.  In addition to the beer, I talked Adam into buying some white creamed Canadian honey.  At the same time Adam talked me into buying a very nice ham spread that is only available in Quebec.  And of course we could not pass up on about four bags of cheese curds.

In addition to the purchases at the grocery store, we had lunch at a local restaurant.  At the restaurant Adam treated himself to an order of a Quebec specialty – “poutine”.  Poutine is a plate of French fries smothered in a mixture of beef gravy and cheese curds.  This is not a doctor-recommended meal!  But it tastes good.  I was going to have a “Michigan style” hot hamburger sandwich, but when the waitress could not explain what “Michigan style” meant, I decided to have the plain hot hamburger sandwich.


Me With The Saabaru As It Started To Snow

However we did not go to Quebec for the shopping.  We went for the rally.  The rally began at a Tim Horton’s donut shop in Grenville.  The first car was away at 7:01 PM and we were continuously on the go until we returned to the Tim Horton’s shop at 11:40 PM.  Only a couple of times do I remember pausing during the rally and once we stopped for about 4 minutes at the end of a transit.  Other than that we were on the go all the time, including at the check points.

The rally roads were snow-covered, hilly, and curvy – all the components of a great winter rally.  At the end of the rally Adam & I finished in third position.  I don’t have the complete results for the rally.  We were relatively satisfied with our rally.  We kept the car on the road (not everyone in the rally could say that) and had a great time.  I want to congratulate the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal and rallymaster David Wood for putting on a very good rally.

The next winter rally that the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal will host is the Rallye des Neiges on February 22, 2014 in Bromont, Quebec.  This is a very historic rally in Canada, as it was first run in 1937.  For more information about that rally check out the website for the Sport Motor Car Club of Montreal

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  1. Andy Kowalczyk says:

    I ran across “michigan” hot dogs while driving through the Adirondacks on my way back to the Midwest after a little trip to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. I assume a michigan hamburger (hamburg?) is similar.

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