2014 Dakar Rally: Day 3, Stage 3 Results and Overall Standings

Stage 3 of the 2014 Dakar Rally is now complete and there has been a shake up in the Overall Standings.  But first let me deal with some left over news about Robby Gordon.  During the first two days Robby had some very poor times and I did not know the reasons for the poor times.  It turns out that he suffered from fuel line vapor lock issues on both days.  On the first day he had this problem 5 times and on Day 2 it happen twice.  I am pleased to report that Robby Gordon seemed to have a good day today, except that he picked up a 26 minute penalty, which wiped out most of his gain on the leaders.  As I mentioned before the rally started, the French Dakar Rally officials seem to have a special enforcement strategy for Robby Gordon.


2014 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Route Map

In the Bike Class, Barreda Bort on his Honda had another great stage finishing almost 5 minutes ahead of second place Depres on a Yamaha.  Stage 2 winner Sam Sunderland on a Honda had a very bad day finishing about 2 1/2 hours behind stage winner Barreda Bort.

2014 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 DESPRES   (FRA) YAMAHA 03:51:44 00:04:41
3 COMA   (ESP) KTM 03:53:59 00:06:56
4 DUCLOS   (FRA) SHERCO 03:57:54 00:10:51
5 CASTEU   (FRA) KTM 03:58:20 00:11:17
6 LOPEZ   CONTARDO (CHL) KTM 04:03:39 00:16:36
7 FARRES   GUELL (ESP) GAS – GAS 04:03:53 00:16:50
8 SVITKO   (SVK) KTM 04:06:09 00:19:06
9 PRZYGONSKI   (POL) KTM 04:07:15 00:20:12
10 PAIN   (FRA) YAMAHA 04:07:37 00:20:34

The overall standings for the Bike Class are shown below.  As you can see Depres and Coma are making their way to the top.  The Honda Team must be very nervous.

2014 Dakar Rally Overall Bike Class Standings After Day 3

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 DESPRES   (FRA) YAMAHA 10:09:48 00:13:04
3 COMA   (ESP) KTM 10:10:40 00:13:56
4 DUCLOS   (FRA) SHERCO 10:13:22 00:16:38
5 LOPEZ   CONTARDO (CHL) KTM 10:15:23 00:18:39
6 CASTEU   (FRA) KTM 10:19:00 00:22:16
7 VILADOMS   (ESP) KTM 10:31:17 00:34:33
8 PAIN   (FRA) YAMAHA 10:33:17 00:36:33
9 PRZYGONSKI   (POL) KTM 10:34:38 00:37:54
10 SVITKO   (SVK) KTM 10:36:53 00:40:09

In the Car Class there was quite a shake up.  Yesterday’s leader Stephane Peterhansel had six tire punctures today!  In fact, he ran out of tires and had to borrow tires in order to keep going.

As I noted before  Robby Gordon had a good day on the stage, finishing in sixth position.  Many of the names in the top 10 on Stage 3 are competitors that do not often finish this high on a stage.

2014 Dakar Rally Stage 3 Results Car Class

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
1 ROMA   (ESP)PERIN   (FRA) MINI 02:58:52
2 HOLOWCZYC   (POL)ZHILTSOV   (RUS) MINI 02:59:59 00:01:07
3 POULTER   (ZAF)HOWIE   (ZAF) TOYOTA 03:02:11 00:03:19
4 TERRANOVA   (ARG)FIUZA   (PRT) MINI 03:03:46 00:04:54
5 CHICHERIT   (FRA)WINOCQ   (FRA) JEFFERIES 03:05:44 00:06:52
6 GORDON   (USA)WALCH   (USA) HUMMER 03:05:54 00:07:02
7 AL-ATTIYAH   (QAT)CRUZ   (ESP) MINI 03:09:01 00:10:09
8 WEVERS   (NLD)LURQUIN   (BEL) HRX 03:09:31 00:10:39
9 VILLAGRA   (ARG)PEREZ   COMPANC (ARG) MINI 03:09:46 00:10:54
10 VAN   LOON (NLD)ROSEGAAR   (NLD) FORD 03:09:53 00:11:01

The Stage 3 results have made some changes to the Overall standings.  Note that the MINI Team now has the top three overall positions.

2014 Dakar Rally Overall Standings In The Car Class After Stage 3

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
1 ROMA   (ESP)PERIN   (FRA) MINI 09:20:13
2 TERRANOVA   (ARG)FIUZA   (PRT) MINI 09:29:19 00:09:06
3 AL-ATTIYAH   (QAT)CRUZ   (ESP) MINI 09:30:13 00:10:00
4 SAINZ   (ESP)GOTTSCHALK   (DEU) SMG 09:32:15 00:12:02
5 PETERHANSEL   (FRA)COTTRET   (FRA) MINI 09:44:21 00:24:08
7 LAVIEILLE   (FRA)GARCIN   (FRA) HAVAL 09:51:36 00:31:23
8 HOLOWCZYC   (POL)ZHILTSOV   (RUS) MINI 09:54:09 00:33:56
9 WEVERS   (NLD)LURQUIN   (BEL) HRX 10:04:52 00:44:39
10 POULTER   (ZAF)HOWIE   (ZAF) TOYOTA 10:05:23 00:45:10

Robby Gordon’s good finish seemed to improve his position as he moved up from 57th position to 41st, however, due to a 26 minute penalty he actually is further behind the leader today than he was yesterday!  So victory moved farther away from him.

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