2014 Dakar Rally: Day 2 Results

Day 2 in 2014 Dakar Rally is now over and it looks like it will be a very competitive rally.  In the Bike Class it is somewhat surprising that a Honda is at the top of the field, but the Honda rider is a very good rider.


Barreda Bort On His Honda Doing Very Despite Of Not Watching Where He Is Going

The following are the overal bike standings after 2 days.

2014 Dakar Rally Day 2 Results – Bikes Overall Standings

Pos. Name Mark Time Variation
2 LOPEZ   CONTARDO (CHL) KTM 06:11:44 00:02:03
3 SUNDERLAND   (GBR) HONDA 06:12:14 00:02:33
4 DUCLOS   (FRA) SHERCO 06:15:28 00:05:47
5 COMA   (ESP) KTM 06:16:41 00:07:00
6 FARIA   (PRT) KTM 06:16:59 00:07:18
7 GONCALVES   (PRT) HONDA 06:17:51 00:08:10
8 DESPRES   (FRA) YAMAHA 06:18:04 00:08:23
9 GRABHAM   (AUS) KTM 06:19:46 00:10:05
10 CASTEU   (FRA) KTM 06:20:40 00:10:59

In the cars Stephane Peterhansel is in his customary leader’s role; however Sainz is just 28 seconds behind.  Al-Attiyah and Roma are about 4 minutes behind Peterhansel – virtual tie at this point in a Dakar Rally.

2014 Dakar Rally Day 2 Results – Cars Overall Standings

Pos. Name Mark Time Variation
2 SAINZ   (ESP)GOTTSCHALK   (DEU) SMG 06:17:30 00:00:28
3 AL-ATTIYAH   (QAT)CRUZ   (ESP) MINI 06:21:12 00:04:10
4 ROMA   (ESP)PERIN   (FRA) MINI 06:21:21 00:04:19
5 TERRANOVA   (ARG)FIUZA   (PRT) MINI 06:25:33 00:08:31
7 LAVIEILLE   (FRA)GARCIN   (FRA) HAVAL 06:38:01 00:20:59
8 VARELA   (BRA)GUGELMIN   (BRA) MITSUBISHI 06:53:02 00:36:00
9 HOLOWCZYC   (POL)ZHILTSOV   (RUS) MINI 06:54:10 00:37:08
10 DABROWSKI   (POL)CZACHOR   (POL) TOYOTA 06:55:10 00:38:08

I used to think that the most often repeated words in motorsports were: “And Mario slows on the backstretch”, but now it must be “Robby Gordon had some trouble today”.  At this time I don’t know what the trouble was but now Robby Gordon is in 57th position 3 hours 43 minutes behind the leader.  I believe that any possibility of a victory for Robby is gone.


Robby Gordon Has Dug Himself A Big Hole

I hope to find out more about the problems that Robby Gordon has had.

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