My OId Motorcycle Is Re-Born!

A few years ago, when I seemed to have more time on my hands, I built a 1978 Honda 550K motorcycle using the best parts of three donor bikes.  A couple of years later, when reality set in, we gave the bike to our son-in-law, Mike Johnson.  Mike got the bike running and rode it for a couple of years, then in November 2012 he sold the bike to Jim Encalada.

Jim recently contacted Mike to show Mike the changes that he had made to the bike since that time.  Before and after pictures of the bike are shown below.

Mike's Old 550 (2)

1978 Honda 550K – Before and After

Obviously many changes have been made, including boring the engine out from 544cc to 601cc.  I think that the bike looks terrific!  Jim Encalada did a great job of turning the Honda 550K into a cafe racer.

Mike's old 550 (1)

The Honda 550K Looks Terrific!

Jim says that this bike will be pictured in the next issue of Cafe Racer Magazine.  I’ll be sure to buy that magazine.

This does make my wonder though.  I’ve still got a Honda 550 frame, about 50% of an engine, and a few other bits in my basement … hmmm.

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One Response to My OId Motorcycle Is Re-Born!

  1. Dave Felter says:

    Go for it Steve. Cafe racers rule. The old dry sump Honda 4’s have all kinds of potential from bobbers to cafe racers.

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