2014 Dakar Rally Under Way

The 2014 Dakar Rally is now under way.  Yesterday was the ceremonial start in Rosario, Argentina.  The real competition gets underway today.  This is perhaps the toughest rally in the world.  Just completing this rally is a major achievement.

Dakar 2014 Pic Version 2

The Dunes Can Be Spectacular

Carlos Sainz will be a major competitor with his Buggy.  Sainz not only has huge driving experience in the World Rally Championship series, he now has considerable experience in the Dakar Rally.  If his car holds together, then he will be at or near the top of the field.

Sainz Buggy

Carlos Sainz’ Buggy During Testing

American hopes lie with Robby Gordon who, in his Hummer, is fast enough to win, but Robby always seems to have something go wrong on the Dakar.  The Dakar has not been kind to Robby Gordon.  And this is the kind of event that does not owe its competitors anything except a challenging day – every day.

Robby Gordon's Hummer

Robby Gordon’s Hummer Preparing For The Dakar Rally

In my area, Eastern Time Zone USA, my TV schedule shows that the NBC Sports Network will have a daily show at 5:00PM that will provide a daily summary of the Dakar Rally.  At the NBC Sports Network, as he did last year, Leigh Diffey will be the host of the show.  Leigh Diffey did a good job on their Dakar show last year and it is good to have continuity.  The first Dakar Rally daily show on the NBC Sports Network will be on Monday January 6, 2014.

Thanks to the Dakar Rally for the use of these images!

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