My Car Rally Timing Tables Have Been Updated

On August 18, 2013 I posted a story about the car rally timing tables that I had prepared.  Since that time I have updated the tables to include a 1/100 km unit in addition to the 1/10 km unit.  An example of a revised page from the rally timing tables is shown below.


Example From My Rally Timing Tables

I have maintained the 1/10 km unit values in the tables as these values can be used for pacing or to check that the car is running on time.  This will allow the navigator to check on the car’s correct pace every few seconds.  The 1/100 km values are provided at the top of the page to allow the navigator the opportunity to fine tune the time at specific locations.  The correct time for a location defined by a specific distance, the navigator can just add the 1/100 km time to the 1/10 time.

For example, suppose the navigator wants to know the correct arrival time at a location with a measured distance of 14.34 kilometers when the required average speed is 65 kilometers per hour.  This can be determined by adding the value for 14.30 kilometers (13 minutes 12 seconds) and the value for 0.04 kilometers ( 2.2 seconds ) for a total arrival time of 13 minutes 14.2 seconds.

The remainder of the features of the rally timing tables as outlined in my September 18, 2013 post remain intact.

I had looked at providing values on a single sheet for both a calibrated odometer (Odometer Factor 1.000) and an uncalibrated odometer (Odometer Factor not equal to 1.000) so that the navigator can check the timing using both the uncalibrated odometer and at any locations where the rallymaster has provided the official rally distance, which is in effect the same as the calibrated odometer value.  This would have made the pages of the rally timing tables even more complicated and harder to read while bouncing around in the car during a rally.  As a result, I decided not to pursue that goal any longer.  If navigators want to have both sets of values, then I recommend that they get two copies of the rally timing tables.

As before this book of rally timing tables is available for $25, plus shipping and handling.  If you are interested in getting a copy of these rally timing tables, then send me an email message at the following address:   shanna12 at comcast dot net

If you have any suggestions for improvements to these tables or if you have some other specific needs for a car rally or your particular needs just let me know.

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2 Responses to My Car Rally Timing Tables Have Been Updated

  1. Paul Clothier says:

    Hi Steve, I have tried to email you but your address does not seem to work for me. I am interested in purchasing your rally timing tables book. I am located in Queensland Australia. If you can give me an idea of purchase cost plus postage and handling to Australia area code Q4343 I would be most grateful. Thanks and regards, Paul Clothier.

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