Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France At Targa Newfoundland

I recently posted a story about the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France owned by Bruce Male that is part of his The Classic Marque stable.  I was reminded about a similar Ferrari Tour de France that was entered in the 2005 running of Targa Newfoundland.

1958 Ferrari

Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France At Targa Newfoundland (Robert Ryan photo)

I no longer have the records from the 2005 Targa Newfoundland event, therefore I cannot include any information about the driver and co-driver of the Ferrari.  Nor do I have any record of how the car did in the competiton part of the event.  However I can say that for me, it won the most impressive car competition.

Cool Ferrari (1)

This Might Have Been The Most Valuable Car Ever To Compete At Targa Newfoundland

As  a competitor at Targa Newfoundland that year, I remember thinking how neat it was that I was competing in the same event as a Ferrari.  The other thing that I remember thinking was that Rick MacLeod and I were faster than the Ferrari!  I never thought that I would be able to say something like that.

Cool Ferrari

The Tour de France Certainly Looked Great!

I was pleased that Evan Gamblin offered to forward to me some photos that he had on file of the Ferrari Tour de France from Targa Newfoundland 2005.  The photo below was taken by Rhys Hayes.


You Can Tell That The Car Was Being Driven Aggressively

The two photos of the Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France below were taken by Peter Wong.


Rainfall Can Be Expected At Least Once During Targa Newfoundland

One of the things that I did not mention in my previous post about the Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France on December 9, 2013 was why a car with a 3.0 liter engine would have the number 250 in its designation.  The reason was that in the early days of Ferrari many of the cars were identified by the volumetric capacity in cubic centimeters per cylinder.  In the Tour de France, the capacity of each cylinder was about 250cc and with the V12 engine design, then the total engine capacity was 3,000cc or 3.0 liters.


I have some additional photos of this Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France taken during Targa Newfoundland.  One of the difficulties with competing in Targa Newfoundland is that in many cases, it is difficult to see the other competitors on a stage.  I regret that I was not able to see this Ferrari Tour de France being driven hard on the roads of Newfoundland.

I also want to thank Lewis Myers for sending me photos of the Ferrari at Targa Newfoundland.

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