Thompson Speedway Configurations Over The Years

On November 16, 2013 I posted a story about the re-opening of the road course  Thompson Speedway.  The configuration of the road course at Thompson Speedway has changed several times.  Vermont’s Ted Goddard did some flagging at Thompson Speedway in the 1960s. Someone forwarded my post to Ted as he thought would be interested in it.  Ted then called me and we had a long discussion on the track layouts at Thompson over time.  Ted then volunteered to prepare sketches of the track layout as far as he remembers.  This was a too great of an opportunity to miss, so I sent Ted some drawings of the track for him to use as a base for his sketches.

Ted sent his sketches back to me and I manually transferred them on to plain paper for simplicity and clarity.  I have included these sketches with this post, so if there are any errors, then they are all mine.  For a common reference point, I have shown the existing Main Entrance and Route 193.


Layout #1

Layout #1 was simply an infield loop off the initial oval track.


Layout #2

Layout #2 expanded the road course considerably.


Layout #3

Layout #3 used property that south of the current track area.  This is the configuration that existed when Ted Goddard was flagging at Thompson Speedway.


Layout #4

Layout #4 did not use the track on the property to south.


Layout #5

Layout #5 is the configuration that will be in place when the track opens next spring.

If anyone has any further information about the history about the road course at Thompson Speedway that they wish to share, then please leave a comment below this message or send me an email message at

For further information about these layouts, refer to a subsequent post that I made on December 7, 2013.

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