Wayne Kelly: A Life Re-Connected

About a year ago, on Decemeber 2, 2012 I posted a story about Wayne Kelly, the Canadian racer, race car builder, and 2009 inductee into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame who was killed in a racing accident about 40 years ago.  It was a short post, but a post that I agonized over because I thought that I was picking at a scab over a bad wound.  I got some information and advice from my friend, Evan Gamblin, as I put it together.

A few weeks after I made that post, I got a message from Wayne Kelly’s daughter, Karen Routly.  As I started to read it, I feared that she would say that I had been insensitive, or worse.  To my great relief, Karen was just the opposite, and she thanked me for remembering her father.  Since that time Karen and I have communicated several times by email and telephone about her Dad.  Recently Karen sent me a couple of photos of her Dad that I have included with this post.

Builder Kelly Wayne Kelly In His Manotick, Ontario Shop

During the past year, friends, former neighbors, and acquaintances of Wayne Kelly and his family found my post about Wayne Kelly and posted via comments left below the original post about their relationship with Wayne Kelly.  As I told Karen, we all should strive to live life like Wayne Kelly did and to leave such memories that are so vivid 40 years later.


Wayne Kelly In His Kelly Formula Vee Racer

I am very pleased to have played a role in connecting and re-connecting people who were friends of Wayne Kelly.  I know that Karen is quite proud of her Dad and is pleased to hear from his friends.  For more information about Wayne Kelly, check out my post dated December 2, 2012.

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6 Responses to Wayne Kelly: A Life Re-Connected

  1. Karen Kelly says:

    Thank you Steve !! Connecting to people I knew over 40 years ago is a high light in my life. My sister is following from oversees too.

  2. Rupert Lloyd Thomas says:

    There are some 32 pictures of the Kelly Vee at Revs Digital Library taken at St Jovite. Sample here: https://revslib.stanford.edu/catalog/gg338hq2272
    I’ve just found them and will caption them in due course. RGDS RLT

  3. EvanG says:

    There was a Kelly Vee entered in VARAC’s Mosport races last June:
    Kelly Formula Vee - Peter Viccary
    Kelly Formula Vee - Peter Viccary


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