Rallye Magazine – What Happened?

This past weekend while at the Covered Bridge Rally at Mount Snow in Vermont, Scott Beliveau, one of the top rally competitors in the northeast USA, gave me a box of out-of-date rally material such as rule books from various years and events.  Among the box of “rally goodies” was a package with about a dozen issues of a magazine entitled “Rallye Magazine”.  This magazine was primarily about car rallying in North America.  The first issue of this magazine was published in October 1975.


The First Issue of Rallye Magazine

The cover art work on the early issues is very impressive.  In fact, I found the whole magazine to be impressive with many articles that are very interesting to anyone interested in car rallying – either stage rallying or TSD rallying.  I am not sure how I missed this magazine back in 1975/76.  I guess that I was busy with starting a new job after university and trying to become a responsible adult.  Or perhaps it wasn’t widely available on newsstands in the Toronto area.

I have included some images of the covers from some of the Rallye Magazine issues that I have.


A Lancia Stratos Was Portrayed On The Cover Of The Second Issue Of Rallye Magazine

I have copied the Table of Contents and the publication details from the second issue, November 1975, in order to show who was involved at that time and the type of articles that were featured in Rallye Magazine.  I recognize many of the names of the people involved with this magazine.


Typical Stories Featured in Rallye Magazine

The issues of Rallye Magazine that I have only extend into 1976.  I know very little about the (short?) history of this magazine.  If someone can provide me with information on what happened to this magazine or the story behind it, then I would greatly appreciate finding out more about it.  Either leave a comment at the bottom of this post or contact me directly via email at the following address: shanna12 at comcast dot net


The rather sad thing about this magazine is that it appears that it could not survive in an era when there were more rallies in North America than there are now.  This does not bode well for the prospects of an equivalent paper-based rally magazine being successful these days.  Too bad.

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12 Responses to Rallye Magazine – What Happened?

  1. Mike Mazoway says:

    Steve, I still have a few copies of Rallye Magazine. It was quite the thing for the rally crowd in the mid 70’s when you could find about 3 events every weekend in the northeast alone. I love the cover of the April 1976 issue. Typical TSD car with the then absolutely necessary radar detector, Zeron computer, reader board and the embossed tape notes on the dash for the driver. Rally was a completely different animal back then. You could do a Saturday night event followed by a Sunday afternoon event in two different states and you still would get to work on time on Monday (albeit a bit tired). It was not unusual to have a keg of beer on tap at the finish which tended to embellish the war stories just a bit. There would be more navvies cranking on a Curta then pushing buttons on a Zeron or Chronar computer. If you did not have a full set of Halda tuning gears you were just a rank amateur. It was a lot of fun back then but today’s events are just as much fun, just in a different way. Friendships made back then are still active today.

  2. greg g says:

    I was a charter subscriber to Rally magazine have a couple stashed away somewhere. Still have the T shirt and the window sticker that came with the shirt as a thank you.

    I believe part of the reason for early demise was lack of big advertising. It was a mag with a lot of content and not a lot of high dollar national ads.

    In this day and people don’t have the patience to await paper and ink publications. So the likelyhood of a similar publication now is probably pretty slim.

    • greg g says:

      The upper pic in the April issue kinda looks like my Mazda RX 4, but not enough lights.
      I had Cibie European (highly ileagle at the time as they were not pre focused sealed beams) hi low conversion in the outer headlamps, Cessna landing lights for inner high beams, 2 round 7 inch Hella pencil beams, and 4 el cheapo clear fog lamps under the bumper. Does anyone have a copy of the mid 70’s Lighting catalog that listed just about every automotive lighting device available at the time..(Whole light Catalog?) which I think was a take off of the Whole Earth Catalog also popular at that time.

    • Hi Greg,
      You may be right about the lack of large advertisers in the magazine. You are definitely right that the magazine had lots of content – good content.
      Steve McKelvie

  3. Tim says:

    Hello, I have the first issue of this rally mag in mint condition. Do you have any idea what it would be worth? Thanks Tim.

    • Hi Tim,
      Sorry for the delay in answering, but some business trips and other work things have been very demanding lately. Rallye magazines are not offered for sale every day. On the other hand, the demand for magazines for this part of motor sports, especially in the USA, is limited. In my opinion, I think that I would ask about $25 and take no less than $15.
      Steve McKelvie

  4. bobdenton says:

    I joined Rallye Magazine around the sixth issue, if I remember correctly. Mel Berger, was the east coast ad manager and I was the west coast ad manager. It was tough selling a magazine for a sport that had zero spectators. Mel left to go to Automobile Magazine, with David E. Davis, as the research director. We floundered on and then Bill Browning, the money guy, died and the widow refused to put any money in it. My dad was putting a group together in NYC but decided he couldn’t handle the editor and heir apparent, John Pwoer’s substantial ego problems a pulled out. The magazine died. John tried numerous times, to sell the magazine, or get a backer, but to no avail.

    There it is in a nutshell.

    • Hi Bob,
      Thanks for clarifying what I had generally heard in a discussion with another fellow. It was a great magazine and I understand the issues with few spectators. Nobody seems to have been able to make a rally magazine work, at least I don’t see anything on USA book stands.
      Steve McKelvie

  5. mike says:

    i have 4 issues…wish i coud find the rest.i also know i had the whole light cat but can’t find it.have to keep looking.

  6. michael e snyder says:

    Just read in the April 1976 issue I won on Ebay that the Jan 1976 issue was not published….So i now have a complete set….

  7. michael e snyder says:

    There are seven issues on ebay right now.Search rallye magazine either use default or US only.

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