Kaiser-Darrin Follow-Up

Recently I was contacted by Joe Noska about my post on July 17, 2012 about the Kaiser-Darrin, the first American fiberglass bodied production car.   Joe’s grandfather, Donald Noska was a personal friend of “Dutch” Darrin and was a major collector of Kaiser-Darrin cars as well as Kaiser-Darrin paraphernalia.

Joe Noska sent me copies of some of the information that he has from his grandfather about the Kaiser-Darrin.  In the image below check out the personal note to Don Noska from Dutch Darrin written in the banner.

CAM00398 2

Personal Note From Dutch Darrin to Don Noska

The other thing that I noticed about the banner is that it refers to the car as the Darrin-Kaiser, while I have always referred to this car with the names reversed – Kaiser-Darrin.  At this time, I am going to continue to refer to this car as the Kaiser-Darrin as this seems to have been the name adopted by the general public.

The picture below would appear to be an early photo of a Kaiser-Darrin that was under consideration for a press release or advertising campaign.

CAM00399 2

Early Photo Of A Kaiser-Darrin

The Kaiser Henry J posters shown on the wall in the photo below would indicate that the Kaiser-Darrin was sitting on a showroom floor at a Kaiser dealership.

CAM00397 2

Photo Of A Kaiser-Darrin On A Showroom Floor

For details of the Kaiser-Darrin please refer to my initial post on July 17, 2012.  I have included some additional photos that I have of the same Kaiser-Darrin car shown in my initial post.

Both the historical picture above and the my picture below show the most striking design feature of the Kaiser-Darrin car – the sliding doors.

Kaiser-Darrin 1954 (1)

This Particular Car Had Folding Landau-Type Roof

Kaiser-Darrin 1954 (4)

The Rear End Design Is Rather Simple

Kaiser-Darrin 1954 (3)

The Sliding Door Is Very Eye Catching

Kaiser-Darrin 1954 (5)

The Instrument Cluster Is Quite Attractive

Joe Noska provided the fanciful advertising image below of the Kaiser-Darrin with a Parisienne background.

CAM00396 2

The Official Model Name Of This Car Is The DKF-161 

This particular car has had an engine transplant, so it now features an American Motors 304 cubic inch V8 engine.

Kaiser-Darrin 1954 (6)

The Kaiser-Darrin Had A Very Distinctive Front Grille Design

Below are images of a February 1953 press release about the forthcoming model DKF-161, car.


Page 2 of this press release is shown below.


I want to thank Joe Noska for sharing some of the information that he has on this very interesting car.

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2 Responses to Kaiser-Darrin Follow-Up

  1. TT says:

    Those cars modified and sold by Dutch were named Darrin-Kaisers.

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