The Faster Pastor And His Citroens At Targa Newfoundland

Recently my sister took a vacation to Newfoundland.  Just by coincidence, she had chosen to be in Newfoundland during the same week as Targa Newfoundland was being held.  When I pointed out that she would be there during Targa Newfoundland she asked me about some of the people who she should look out for.  One of the people that I mentioned to her was Edison Wiltshire, widely known as “The Faster Pastor” and his wife, Margo.  Edison is a practicing minister in the Clarenville, Newfoundland area.


Edison And Margo Wiltshire With Their Citroen Traction Avant At Targa Newfoundland in 2002

My sister said that she was in a hotel elevator in Gander, Newfoundland when she met “The Faster Pastor”.  In fact, my sister Mary said that her first words to him: “You must be the The Faster Pastor”.  Indeed, it was him with his wife Margo.


In 2003, Edison and Margo Returned In A Citroen DS Sedan

As would be expected, Edison spends most of his time in the Clarenville, Newfoundland area involved in more serious activities than racing cars at Targa Newfoundland.  My friend and driver for many Targa Newfoundland events, Rick MacLeod, asked even Edison to perform his wedding to his bride, Ashleigh, when they got married in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


The Faster Pastor Presided At Rick MacLeod’s Wedding

One year, about mid-way through Targa Newfoundland, The Faster Pastor even married a couple at a lunch break who were competing in the event.  All of the competitors took part in that wedding.


Edison and Margo Just Kept Finding Citroens

The Faster Pastor and Margo have competed in every running of Targa Newfoundland.  They are the only team that can make that claim.


Margo And The Faster Pastor With Their Last Citroen Entry In Targa Newfoundland

In recent years, Margo and The Faster Pastor have been competing at Targa Newfoundland in a Porsche 911.  This was a major upgrade in performance from the Citroens in which they had competed before.


These Days The Faster Pastor Competes In A Porsche

Margo and Edison Wiltshire are both great people who offer very friendly and comforting faces to competitors during Targa Newfoundland.  I am proud to call them friends of mine.

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  1. Richard Beattie says:


    That rally is on my bucket list. If I could only convince SCCA that this is what rallying is all about.

    Rick Beattie

    On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 9:24 PM,

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