Some Saab Books Added To My Library

Due to some coincidental events, I have added three books about the Saab cars to my library in the last month.  The story about Saab had some great moments, but unfortunately it came to a recent, sad end.  However, all of these books were written when Saab was still a viable car maker.  Some day I will read about the end of Saab, but I prefer to think about the glory days.

The book whose cover is shown below “Saab, Half Century of Achievement” was written by Eric Dymock in 1997.  It is fairly comprehensive book about the history of Saab cars up to that time.  There are some great old color photos and advertising in the book that I found very interesting.  It’s a good book, but it was an impulse buy at a car show and I paid too much money for it.  This perceived overpayment for the book clouds my judgement of this book.


The book shown below, “Saab 99 and 900, The Complete Story” by Lance Cole, is my favorite of the three.  As would be expected from the title, it covers these two Saab models very well.  This book was written in 2001, so it has the benefit of time to be able to look back as these cars.  If you are looking for information about these two Saab models, then this would be the place to look.


The third book that I got is “Saab 900, A Swedish Story” written in 1993 by Anders Tunberg.  This is the second book written by Anders Tunberg about Saabs that I have.  The other book is an older book, “From Two-Stroke To Turbo” written in 1980, which is a very good book about the early days of Saab in motorsport.  The Saab 900 book is very comprehensive, but it has the air of corporate advertising copy all through it.  The Saab president wrote a book introduction at the front of the book and it seems like the book was written with the heavy hand of the Saab advertising department.  It goes into great detail about the development of the Saab 900, but I wish that it had more about the motorsport aspects of the Saab 900.


Taken together these books will provide me with a great deal of additional information and history about the Saab cars.  Is too bad that the history of Saab is so short.

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