A North American Transcontinental Rally Is Planned For 2015

The Endurance Rally Association is planning on holding another North American transcontinental rally in June 2015.  This rally, which will be known as the 2nd Trans American Challenge, will be a follow-up to the inaugural Trans American Challenge that was held in May/June of 2012.  The images in this post are the Endurance Rally Association’s images from the 2012 Trans American Challenge.

The 2nd Trans American Challenge will start in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 7, 2015 and end on June 28, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

ERA Trans Am Pic 1

The details of the route have not ben released, but the following quote is from the Endurance Rally Association: “The journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, to San Francisco on the west coast of the United States will take the participants through some of the best and most spectacular scenery and roads that both the Canada and the United States has to offer in the company of fellow enthusiasts.”

ERA Trans Am Pic 2

It is great to see another transcontinental rally in North America.  The previous running of this rally had a significant number of North American and I hope that even more North Americans will enter the 2nd Trans American Challenge.  I will have more information about this rally as it develops.  For more information about this rally check out the website of the Endurance Rally Association: www.endurorally.com

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7 Responses to A North American Transcontinental Rally Is Planned For 2015

  1. Georgette says:

    Mmmm…which vehicle to enter! Looking forward to hearing more details and learning ERA’s definition of “classic” cars. What a grand adventure!

    • For the inaugural Trans American Challenge, there were classes for cars made up to 1974 (pre-1975). So lots of cars are eligible.
      You are right. What an adventure it would be!
      Steve McKelvie

      • Michael Eatough says:

        I competed with my friend of more than 50 years (Morgan) in the inaugural event in my 1965 Mercedes Fintail, she proved a good choice of car for us and
        was 100% reliable over nearly 8,500 miles, We enjoyed the event so much we have signed up for the second event. Using my Mercedes again. Michael Eatough

      • Hi Michael,
        Good for you to enter the Trans Am again. Mercedes-Benz cars are an excellent choice for an event like the Trans Am. It should be a great event.
        I hope to go up to either Halifax or Moncton to see the cars and teams. Perhaps I’ll see you there!
        Steve McKelvie

  2. Wish I hadn’t sold my 72 Datsun 510! arghhh

  3. 50gary says:

    In Hale Michigan there’s a TransAmerican Rally entrant (Damiler SB250) that seems to be at this date of June 21, 2015 stuck for repairs? The car is right hand drive with English plates and is in a local repair garage. Pity, hope all is well, but with a long way to go and only until June 28th it does not bode well.

    • That Daimler SP250 has a blown head gasket. I spoke the crew in Old Forge, New York and they told me that they had planned on more of a tour than a rally and that their car was not as prepared as the others for the competition aspects of the rally.
      Steve McKelvie

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