I Added A Timewise 798A Rally Computer To My Rally Tool Box

I recently acquired a Timewise 798A rally computer for use in time-speed-distance rallies.  The Timewise 798A is one of the most sophisticated and capable rally computers available anywhere in the world.  Basically the Timewise 798A continually calculates the perfect time of arrival all along the rally route, compares this perfect time with the actual time, and reports the difference to the driver so the driver can adjust the car’s speed accordingly.  To support these calculations, a number of adjustments and correction capabilities are available to the rally navigator to reduce the errors that normally or typically occur while following a rally course.


The Timewise 798A Rally Computer

While I have just bought my own Timewise 798A, I have used this rally computer many times at during Targa Newfoundland, La Carrera Panamericana, and the Chihuahua Express.  I have also used a very closely related rally computer, the Timewise 797A, during one of the Finger Lakes Winter Rally Series events.


The Driver’s Display Is Usually Placed In Front Of The Driver

To do some bench testing with this particular unit, I have this rally computer currently set up on my rally board in my basement with the driver’s display placed beside the main rally computer for testing purposes.  Normally this driver’s display is positioned so that the driver can easily see the display while driving along the rally route.  The top value on the driver’s display is the difference in time between the calculated time and the actual rally time.  By showing this information to the driver, the navigator can concentrate on data entry, timing adjustments, and following the correct rally route, without having to continually report on the car’s speed relative to the required car speed.  The bottom display on the driver’s display can be changed to some a number of different pieces of information.  In the image above, I have the driver’s display set up to show the overall odometer value (to two places of decimal) in the bottom display position.


Timewise 798A On My Rally Board

As a navigator, when I’m in a car rally I’m almost always in some one else’s car, typically using my own rally equipment, so I usually mount all of the needed rally navigation equipment on my rally board.  This minimizes any modifications or additions to the driver’s car.  All that I need is a 12-volt electrical supply and a connection to a wheel/speedometer cable sensor.


Adjustments Are Directed By The Rotary Dial and Made By The Toggle Switches

I will not get into all of the capabilities of the Timewise 798A, as this would take a great deal of time.  For example, the user’s manual for this rally computer has a little over 100 pages.  For more information about this rally computer, check out the Timewise website at the following address:  www.home.comcast.net/~timewise1

This is a very capable rally computer and I am pleased to add the Timewise 798A to my tool box of rally equipment and I look forward to using it soon.

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