Rallying Article In SCCA’s SportsCar October 2013 Magazine

The official magazine of the Sports Car Club of America, “SportsCar”, has an “On Rallying” column written by Rick Beattie, an excellent rally competitor and regular columnist in the magazine.  This month, Rick’s column is about rallying in Canada and Europe.  I was pleased to make some contributions to Rick’s column.

The following two images show Rick’s column.


The pictures in this article are pictures that I took while competing in the Baden Classic in Germany.


The picture above was taken at a “stand-off” location somewhere in the Black Forest.  The rules forbid stopping within site of the time controls.  At this location we knew that the control was about 0.5 kilometers away around a sharp right-hand turn ahead.  There was a large woodpile that we stopped behind to await our in time.  This picture shows some cars with the same thought.  For this rally we were the fourth car on the road.

The MGA shown above that was running behind us in the rally was the same MGA car that I had seen near the finish area at the 2012 Baden Classic rally.  The owner of this MGA was quite surprised when I told him that I had remembered his car being parked near the finish area and that I had taken some photos of it the year before.  For a better look at this MGA, check out a post that I made about this car on May 17, 2012.

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