A Very Fast MG

At this year’s Lime Rock Historic Festival I once again saw what must be one of the fastest MG TDs in the country and beyond.  The first time that I saw this vehicle was at the 2012 Lime Rock Historic Festival and I was fortunate to see it again at a party in Connecticut this summer.  This amazing MG TD has a small block Chevrolet V8 engine in it!

MG TD V8 (5)

This Is One Fast MG TD!

I like the way the owner has maintained so much of the MG TD look, rather than turn this into simply a “hot rod” with a MG TD grille.

MG TD V8 (4)

The Mini-Lite Wheels Are A Good Choice For This Car

The wheels and tires are well matched on this car.  It shows that the builder was interested in more than just straight line acceleration.  The full-sized tires allow this car to turn corners in addition to the strong acceleration.

MG TD V8 (6)

The Engine Fits Rather Well In The MG

The MG TD frame was strengthened to accommodate the additional power from the Chevrolet V8 engine.  I don’t recall the horsepower of this particular engine, but I am sure that it is more than adequate.

MG TD V8 (1)

The Yellow Paint On This Car Is Very Eye Catching

The windows on this car are very appealing.  It has a fold down windshield along with the “Brooklands” style windshields as well.

MG TD V8 (2)

The Dual Exhaust Tips Give Away The Engine Power From The Rear

The build quality on this car is quite high and the car appears to be able to handle the dramatic horsepower increase provided by the Chevrolet V8 engine.

MG TD V8 (3)

Note The Clock And Stopwatches

In addition to the rally ready clock and stop watches, the above photo provides a better view of the windshields on this car.

In summary this is a very well built car combining the styling of the MG TD car with the power of the Chevrolet V8 engine.

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3 Responses to A Very Fast MG

  1. Gary Paul says:

    Any idea who the builder is? Are there more detail build photos available??

    • I know the builder of the V8 MG very well. His name is Kurt Kiefer, a real car guy. I will send you a private email with Kurt’s email address and Kurt will no doubt provide you with additional information about the building of this very impressive car.
      Steve McKelvie

    • Kurt kiefer says:

      Hello Gary. My name is Kurt. My son and I built the car a few years ago. 327 11:1 solid lifter aluminum heads dual guads 11″ convertor built 350 narrowed 60 corvette rear with 3.70 gears .it weighs 1980 on the scales it is peppy and fun .right now building a now non purist resto mod Jaguar xk150 fhc. Thankx

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