Motorcycle Trip To Quebec Planned For September

I am pleased to say that I will be taking part in a five-day motorcycle tour up to the Saguenay River area in Quebec in mid-September.  This trip has been put together by Clarke Paynter of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Clarke asked some of his riding buddies from the Halifax area if they were interested in the trip.  When it looked like the trip might happen, Clarke asked me if I was interested in joining them.  I said that I was very interested and after asking some friends who I thought might also be interested, there are three of us from the Massachusetts/New Hampshire area who will meet up with the Halifax riders in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  I believe that at this time we have a total of eight riders.  Some of the riders will be bringing their wives, so we will be on our best behavior.   There will also be a “sweep” vehicle or following truck and trailer in case one of the motorcycles has trouble or if one of the double-up passengers wants break.  The truck will also be helpful to carry luggage and anything else that we might collect along the way.

Motorcycle Trip Map 2013

Quebec Motorcycle Trip Map

After we “rendevous” in Woodstock, New Brunswick with the Halifax riders, the next day we will ride up to Riviere du Loup, Quebec to take the ferry across the St Lawrence River and make our way to a hotel at the mouth of the Saguenay River.  The following day we will ride in a loop along both sides of the Saguenay River and return to our hotel at the mouth of the Saguenay River.  We are going to ride at a leisurely pace taking lots of time to smell the “fleur de lis”.

The last two days of the trip will be a reverse of the first two days as we return home.  This should be a great trip with some great people.  The final participant list is still being finalized, as we have had people want to go, but who had to withdraw for various reasons and perhaps some other riders might want to join us..  For the most part, it seems that it will be a bunch of car guys going on a motorcycle trip.  I look forward to it.

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