Jack Healy Is Selling His BMW

Jack Healy is a fairly regular reader of my website.  Jack sent me an email message the other day saying that he had decided to sell his BMW 2002 car that he used to compete in Targa Newfoundland.  Below is his message with a link to the “Bring A Trailer” advertisement for his car:

I am forwarding a link to the “for sale” info on my ’69 BMW 2002 that I campaigned in Targa Newfoundland and other rallies.  Sadly I need to let it go as I simply don’t have enough time to do vintage racing as well as rally events.  It’s a heck of a buy and comes with many parts & extra wheels (and a fresh motor). Perhaps you might know of somebody that could put it to good use rather then just sitting in my garage.
BaT ad is here:
Scroll down & there is a link to a full ad with complete listing of what’s included.
Loads of pics on my website here:

Check out Jack’s car.  For those of you who might not be familiar with the “Bring A Trailer” website, I think that you will find it an excellent and interest website of interesting cars that are for sale, including Jack’s BMW.

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