More Photos Of Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar Type C

On June 27, 2013 I posted a story and some photos that I took of Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar XKC or frequently referred to as a Jaguar Type C.  I found some additional photos that I took of this car at the Lime Rock Historic Festival in 2012.  I know that there was interest in the earlier photos, so I thought that I would post these additional photographs of this lovely car.

Jaguar XKC (6)

For a discussion about the history of the Jaguar Type C cars refer to my June 27, 2013 post.

Jaguar XKC (5)

The Lime Rock Historic Festival is great place to see some spectacular cars like Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar Type C.

Jaguar XKC (3)

In addition to Tom’s Type C, a Jaguar Type D can be seen parked facing it.

Jaguar XKC (2)

At the Lime Rock Historic Festival, the cars are parked all around the 1.5-mile long race track.  This year the festival will be held on the Labor Day weekend.  Racing is not allowed at Lime Rock on Sundays, therefore while historic racing will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, Sunday things quiet down for the Sunday In The Park car show.

Jaguar XKC (1)

Tom Jaycox’ Jaguar Type C is raced as well as displayed in the car show.  This car might be on display this year as well at the Lime Rock Historic Festival.  For more information about the Historic Festival check out the Lime Rock website

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