“Peking To Paris”: New Book About This Long Rally

A couple of weeks ago Bob Vogel, a competitor in the 2012 Alcan 5000 winter rally sent me an email message about a rally book that he had just read.  Bob enjoyed the book and said that the book was a good story about someone undertaking a long, difficult rally as their first venture into the world of cars and car rallying.  While at this time I am only about a quarter of the way though this book, I would have to agree with Bob.  While Bob said that he read the book in a day, at this time my schedule seems quite crammed, thus it might take me several weeks to read this book.


The Book’s Cover Is A View Not Often Seen On A Car Rally

The book, “Peking To Paris” written by Dina Bennett, is about her participation in the 2007 running of the Peking To Paris Motor Challenge rally.  Bennett and her husband, Bernard, entered a 1940 La Salle into this challenging rally.  From what I have read so far, it is clear that while Bernard is a car guy and had some rally experience, Dina did not seem to fully understand just what she had got herself in for when she accepted the idea of entering this car rally.

So far I have enjoyed the book and when my schedule permits me to finish it, I’ll comment on the whole book.

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